Changes for 2008


Well folks, after much deliberation and procrastination I finally started a blog. I have been debating what to write about for my first post, thinking it should be something extraordinary to capture your attention and make you come back for more. Then I realized I need to stop worrying about it and just write (besides I don’t want to set your expectation too high). Given that the new year happened to coincide with the start of my blog I thought it to be a perfect topic to start with.

So what changes do I have in store for 2008?

Challenge myself: While I think I go above and beyond when it comes to making sure I am “in the know” when it comes to technology I don’t feel that my thoughts and ideas on topics meet much resistance. Part of this is due to the limited scope of people I talk to on a regular basis about technology. Another part is that when I do get into groups of tech people we tend to talk mostly at the high level, covering many topics, rather than digging deeper into a few topics. I hope that this blog will challenge me to get a deeper understanding of topics that I do not deal with on a daily basis and also force me to see other points of view through reader comments. I am also going to challenge myself to look at how I am operating at work and see if there is a better way. It is difficult to change the way you perform certain tasks when you have done them a particular way for so long, but sometimes it is necessary.

Regularly Organize: I currently spend about one day per month getting organized, performing tasks like cleaning my office, following up on tasks, and clearing out my inbox . The problem with this is that for the other 29+ days per month it looks like (and sometimes feels like) I am living in a state of chaos. This will change, or I will die trying. In my head I am able to organize things. I may be working on 10 different tasks, but if I get called to the carpet on any of them I know exactly where each one stands and what needs to be done to complete them. This information being in my head does not help my co-workers however, or contractors that I try to pass work off onto. I need to document things much better than I do, and this is a big change for me because I am so used to just having it in my head and recalling it when needed. It will make life easier for everyone though I am sure and being a little more tidy won’t hurt either when the chiefs come by my office.

Say NO: I never say NO! If someone asks me to do them a favor or to take on a project I say yes. I could have a months worth of work and two weeks to get it done and I will still say yes. That means lots of long hours and unnecessary stress that I could really do without. I am a very low stress guy and almost always happy with my job, and I have been in plenty of situations that could define the word stress, but that just isn’t how I operate. I never had the thought that I had to get out…..that is until last year. There was a stretch of about a month where I felt like nothing was getting done and I was working 12-15 hours per day. I wasn’t sleeping and was popping Tums like snack food at a Superbowl party. I came home one day and told my wife I wasn’t sure if this was worth it. Well I hung in there, and got through it, because I knew it would not get better but I don’t want to feel like that again. I wasn’t happy, and everything around me was suffering. So in 2008, I am going to say NO when I just have too much going on and people will need to deal with it.

Disconnect: As you can tell from above, I allow my job to consume me. I am also addicted to my Crackberry and never go anywhere without it. I am more likely to leave my wallet or house keys at home before leaving my Crackberry behind. If someone needs me, they have access to me no matter what. Yeah it is a sickness, but I like to think it is part of why I am good at what I do. If you know what hits the fan I am immediately aware of it and on the case. While this is great for work, it is bad for family. I find myself not making the most of special moments with my wife or kids because I am constantly checking and responding to email. I did not even realize I was doing it, but it was brought to my attention by my three year old. So I am going to try and disconnect from time to time and focus on what is really important.

There are other things that I will omit to spare the few readers that made it this far. The first post is behind me, not sure what the next will bring but stay tuned.


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