Got to love Cingular customer service


I had a user whose Blackberry was having a hardware problem. It was not dropped or anything crazy like that, just malfunctioning. So I call it in to Cingular and get transferred through to multiple departments. Finally I get someone on the phone who seems they can help.

After explaining the problem to her, she tells me that the device needs to be replaced (as if I didn’t know that already). She then asks me how old the device is. I tell her I’m not sure because it is not mine. This nice woman then informs me that I need to find out because if it is more than a year old it would not be covered under warranty. Immediately I blurt out, “In that case it must only 8 months old.” I was saying this partly in jest because she couldn’t be relying on me to tell her how old the device was…or could she? Her response was, “That is great news then, we will replace it under warranty. What address would you like it sent to?”

I am amazed that she accepted the 8 months, after telling her I didn’t know, to be valid information. I can’t imagine she had time to check it. What wouldn’t surprise me is if their system is so messed up that she couldn’t check, they never seem to have their information in order.

Anyway, I have received confirmation that my new BB has shipped. So if you want a new BB, just call and tell them it is < 12 months old and you should be all set….at least it will be if you get the same service rep.

Thanks Cingular!


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