My next computer?


I am currently running on a MacBook Pro, the first generation. I have enjoyed it, and it has been a great machine. Recently however; I have been relying more heavily on my Windows VM, and there lies the problem. My MBP has a maximum of 2GB RAM, and between OS X and XP or Vista that just is not even close enough. Plus I would really like to run more than one VM — one for my main office stuff, one for just web browsing and testing, and a Linux VM (probably Ubuntu).  Given the resources…..maybe I will run more!

So I have been waiting for MacWorld to see what Steve Jobs has in store for me. I need to carry a laptop, so it would be great to see some cool new things to come for the MBP. A 17″ LED backlit screen with 8GB RAM, quad core processor, Blu-Ray drive, built in finger print reader with hardware drive encryption. Not too much to ask right? 😉

Well you can see that I won’t be getting the MBP that I want, so I figure there are two options: either get the latest and greatest MBP and make the most of it or maybe I should look at keeping my current MBP for when I am mobile, but get myself a kick ass desktop. Ironically enough Apple just released their new MacPro….and oh what a beauty! So if I were to spec this thing out and buy it, what would I want (while trying to keep price in mind)?

Dual 2.8GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon Processors (8-cores)
8GB of 800MHz DDR2 Memory (upgradeable to 32GB)
RAID5 with 3 – 300GB 15k-rpm SAS drives
NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT 512MB (Two dual-link DVI)
Two 16x SuperDrives (No Blu-Ray unfortunately)
Airport Extreme WiFi Card
Retail: Around $7200

YIKES! I better find a way to cut that price down. Decisions, Decisions……..


One Response to “My next computer?”

  1. 1 mac the knife

    I think a 4GB MBP will serve you just fine… cut back on the RAM of your VMs (768K should do it), run XP only (Vista is for the clueless) and make the best of it. Syncing will be a problem between your desktop and MBP. Ride the MBP for another year or two.

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