Congratulations to the Patriots once again for continuing their perfect season and winning a ticket to the Super Bowl! While it was not a perfect game on either side of the ball, the Defense really stepped it up when necessary. Time to start planning the Super Bowl party!

For those who may not know….I am a serious Patriots fan. I am a big Red Sox fan too and often people ask who I like more, now that is a tough question. I never miss a Patriots game, but then again there are only 16 regular season games so it isn’t too difficult. On the flip side, while I don’t watch every Red Sox game I do watch more than 16, probably somewhere in the 80-100 games per season. The playoffs, well I watch every playoff game for both, whether or not the Sox or Pats are playing just because I love the sports.

Sunday’s are known as “Football Day” in my house during the season, all day! I prefer to watch football on TV, usually accompanied by friends and family with my homemade chili and pulled pork at the ready along with other snacks and desserts to destroy any chance of eating healthy. Every Patriots game is an event, something I look forward to each week. There is planning involved with who is coming, what new thing will I be making to eat, and how much food I should make.

For the most part, Sox games are much more casual because there are so many. I prefer to watch the Sox from the park if possible. I get to the park a few hours early, walk around a bit, get a sausage and maybe some peanuts. Once in the park, I walk around and take it all in, the crowd, the smells, the history….it doesn’t get much better than taking in a game at Fenway. I’ll sit or stand anywhere to watch the game, and I just about have made it to every part of the park.

So who do I like more? It is like asking which of my two sons I love more……it just isn’t possible to choose one over the other. Tell you what though, when the Sox and Pats have a game that overlaps early in the football season I am very thankful for PiP!


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