Catching up on movies


Having two children under the age of 4 means we do not get out to the movie theater very much (almost never). We are Netflix users in my house and have been for quite some time. We jumped right into the 3 movies at a time plan and watched movies constantly. The honeymoon wore out with Netflix and I would see the same stack of movies sitting near the TV for a month, if not longer. We dropped down to one movie at a time which still would leave the same movie sitting near the TV for just as long. Watching a movie just wasn’t something we would choose to do after the kids went to bed. Typically I would crack open my laptop and work or do research into the wee hours of the morning while looking up every now and then to catch part of a TV show my wife was watching while chatting with her friends.

Well a few things have come together recently that has changed this behavior:

First, I have decided that for 2008 I am going to disconnect and take more time for myself and my family. There are still nights where after putting the kids to bed I jump on the laptop and work into the morning, but it is no longer every night.

Second, we got a new TV shortly after Christmas. It is a beautiful 50″ 1080p Panasonic Plasma. I had a 1080i before, but let me tell you, television has never looked so good!

Third, I dug my PS3 out of the boxes in the basement and hooked it up to the plasma. Since we moved I had not bothered to connect it because the TV didn’t support 1080p and I haven’t had any time for gaming.

The culmination of these events have brought us to movie central and let me tell you, I am loving Blu-Ray! I have an up-convert DVD player and although DVD’s look good, the Blu-Ray discs look even better. I have been touting Blu-Ray as the better format for quite a while now, and even convinced my Dad to buy a player for Christmas. Technically, I think it is a better format than HD-DVD for many reasons, but from the general consumer point of view you should choose Blu-Ray over HD-DVD because the majority of movie studios are backing it.

The latest movie we watched, which happened to be last night, was Pirates of the Caribbean – Dead Man’s Chest and it looked spectacular. We have upgraded the Netflix account to 2 discs at a time and will probably jump back to 3 at a time before long. The queue is getting long as we have a lot of catching up to do, but we will have fun doing it!


One Response to “Catching up on movies”

  1. Gotta love the PS3… BlueRay and games for $499 is a steal…. what games do you have? Maybe we can meet up online and play sometime. My online name is A333F full is, what’s your’s? I will try find you on the PS3 network.

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