Super Bowl Prediction


Ever year I have this ritual related to the Super Bowl that entails blocking out some time to play some Madden football on my game console, currently Playstation3. I simulate every aspect of the game that they let me and then I do two things. First I play the game, and second I simulate the game.

If the Patriots are in the Super Bowl I obviously play as them, if they are not I randomly select a team to play as. While I have never ended up with the exact same score, the winning team almost always prevails. The only recent game that was wrong was back in 2003 when I played as the Raiders and beat Tampa Bay by a field goal, in reality the Raiders got stomped! I even played as the Patriots back in 1997 and lost to the Packers by 7….and in reality Bledsoe really screwed the pooch making the Pats lose! Oh the horror!

When I simulate the game, letting the computer play it out and decide the winner, it too is almost always right. Even back in 2002 the Patriots beat the Rams in simulation even though they were a huge underdog…..and as we all know, in reality that began the run of dominance in the NFL for the Pats!

So on this eve of the Super Bowl I have again gone through with my ritual. The results?

Me playing: 35-21 NE

Simulation: 41-27 NE



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