When should you involve IT?


We are in beginning stage of a website redesign at work. While I am not a web developer anymore (spent two years part time while in college doing this) we host the site in house which means I am partly responsible for securing and maintaining the system. The development group that is being used was in 6th gear, ready to rock and roll on day one, but we came across a road block. You see, they started planning the site without talking to IT. They spec’d it all out on paper, gave estimates, and developed a project plan all without a single conversation with the IT department. This resulted in them planning on using Linux as the platform when we are 98% Windows. Whether Linux or Windows is better can be an argument for another day so lets stay off that topic.

We are now going through the process of finding a Content Management System that will meet our requirements, not cost a fortune, and be supportable should a problem arise. I like to plan things out and exhaust all possibilities to make sure we choose the right solution rather than just grab the first one that looks good. The developers are chomping at the bit trying to rush us into a decision because they are way behind schedule and will surely be over budget. The next few weeks should be fun!

What can we all learn form this? You should involve the IT department in projects involving TECHNOLOGY. Had we been involved in the RFP process we wouldn’t have any of these problems because things would have been defined. So does anyone have recommendations or general feedback on CMS solutions?


One Response to “When should you involve IT?”

  1. 1 DMB411

    Check out these solutions….may be helpful and target both small and larger deployments.



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