Opera Mini


Not ground breaking news, but have spoken to a few people recently that did not believe me so thought I would share this little bit of information.  Opera Mini is a cool little web brower you can install on devices such as a Blackberry.  It is fast and works well which is why people use it, just keep in mind that your browsing is not secure.

That last statement is what people don’t believe.  I get the, “It supports secure connections…FOOL!” (Yes, Mr. T himself didn’t believe me)   Ah….yes it does, BUT what they didn’t know is that there is no end to end encryption.  You see, Opera Mini uses a transcoder server to process your web request and that is the reason why it is so fast.  It compresses everything to speed it up.  You may be wondering why this makes it insecure, well I am about to tell you.  Your connection from the handheld to the Opera Mini server is secure, great!   The connection from the Opera Mini Server to the actual Website is secure, double great!  This however means that the Opera Mini server acts as the middle man here and therefore can see your secret passwords and any other information you send.

I’ll pass on visiting password protected sites with Opera Mini, thanks anyway.


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