The right tool for the job?


When I was framing my basement I used my 21oz hammer instead of my sledge hammer for a reason, it was the right tool for the job.  Someone should have told that to this guy (or at least to the people that hired him).

Edit:  Some people did not know what this was, so here is the story behind it.

We had a snow storm here in Massachusetts today.  Outside of my office this full size front loader was obviously in charge of clearing the snow.  I can understand if we had a lot of snow, but we didn’t.  This guy made pass after pass, for hours, each time clearing less than .25″ of snow with each pass.  Yes I am serious, he came by that often.  He was tearing up the road and was creating sparks because the ground was so bare.  They could have used one of the pickup trucks with less passes and been fine.  Glad to see our lease money is going to bad use!



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