Can’t we all live in Harmony?


Logitech Harmony 880

Today I came across fun prank you can play on your friend or family member next time you are at their house assuming they have a Harmony remote control.  My parents have a Logitech Harmony 880 that I bought them a few years ago.  Recently they replaced their DVD player with a Blu-Ray player and I have not had the time to reprogram the remote.  So during a trip to their house today for a visit I figured I should finally get this fixed.

I hooked up the remote to my laptop and started the software when I came across my first hurdle….the password.  I can’t remember what my dad set this to and neither would he so after trying a few guesses I gave in and clicked the “Forgot my Password” icon.  I figured I would now have to track down my dad, get his email password, sign into his email, and retrieve the new password.  But today was my lucky day.

The screen came back and asked if I had the remote with me.  Check!

I was then asked to confirm 2 of the 3 following bits of information:

Last Name:  Check!

Zip Code:  Check!

TV Manufacturer:  Check!

The next screen asked me to enter a new password.  Check!

Voila, now I am in.

That’s right, not only was I able to access his Logitech account without his password, I was able to change his password and edit the config.  The other great part of this is it literally took less than 5 minutes from start to finish.  Now that is a quick and easy way to have some fun with your Harmony using friends that will certainly drive them bonkers!

Logitech….come on!  I know it is just a remote but that is awful security.


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