Do you Goolag?


I enjoy scanning through EULA’s.  Most people can’t click “Agree” fast enough, but I scan through them looking for interesting tidbits.  Last week I came across a good one, here is an excerpt:

“If this software does something bad to your computer or network or provides
information that you have no legal right to see, then that’s your problem. In
some countries this software might be illegal. Don’t be stupid, and don’t
come whining to us if you get into trouble. You’ve been warned.”

Some of you may remember the Google Hacking Database by Johnny Long.  Well recently I read about the Goolag scanner, which is basically the same idea but taken a step further by providing a Windows GUI based tool.  It uses the power of Google to create an easy to use vulnerability scanner.  You can punch in your (or someone else’s) server, select a category or specific vulnerability, and click scan.  From there it is off to the races.

While I can’t recommend you go scan servers you don’t own or maintain, it is worth installing and hitting your own servers for a quick check.  I’ll add that I scanned all of my servers prior to posting this and I got the all clear.  Time to “audit” some other servers.  😉


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