iPhone as the Blackberry killer?


The amount of email I have received because of Apple’s recent announcement that the iPhone will be able to sync with Exchange has been astounding.  I think people hear iPhone and Exchange in the same sentence and instantly started composing email to find out when we would support them or to get more information.

While I think it is a necessary step in the evolution of the iPhone, I don’t see a need for everyone to be going crazy over it.  Why?

  • The software is only going into Beta, not even publicly released yet.
  • The iPhone still is not 3G.
  • ActiveSync…well it is better than nothing I suppose.
  • No replaceable battery.
  • They keyboard is a nightmare for heavy email usage.
  • No IM client, sure you could use a web IM system but native is better.
  • At the mercy of Apple for 3rd party apps unless you want to hack the device.

My Blackberry 8830 has been rock solid.  Everything syncs wirelessly, the internet browsing is quick, and I can type fairly quick.  I can churn out between 40-50 words per minute on my BB which I know I can not come close to matching with my iPod Touch keyboard.

If someone offered me an iPhone would I take it? Sure.  If I didn’t do a lot of email would I consider it as my primary device?  Sure.  Being an email junkie, like most BB users, would I consider switching to the iPhone? No way.  While the cool factor would be there I would not be nearly as productive.  I do like that it will support Cisco IPSec VPN, that could come in handy as apps develop.

So for now….I am sticking with my BB and plan on strongly advising all of our users do as well.  I’ll probably end up with one when they add 3G but it will be more for mobile web browsing and replacing my iPod Touch. Of course I will sync it with Exchange, but my BB will still be on my hip as the primary business device.



2 Responses to “iPhone as the Blackberry killer?”

  1. I am using BlackBerry 8300 and iphone is no where around as compare to this device. BlackBerry is a professional device where iPhone is suppose to be an entertainment device.

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