I pulled the trigger!


After a few months of back and forth over whether to buy a new MBP or a MacPro to replace my current first generation MBP I finally pulled the trigger.  This weekend I was trying to do a few quick things from home and the computer was not co-operating.  It was using all of the RAM, constantly hanging, and practically unusable…it was not the first time.   I couldn’t take it anymore!

I decided that although I would really like to have a pimped out MacPro with 8 cores and 16GB of RAM for loads of vm goodness I needed to be functional when mobile, and the current MBP wasn’t cutting it.  I also decided that the extra screen real estate from the hi res 17″ MBP would be worth the extra weight.  Final config was the 17″ hi res MBP with 2.6GHz processor, 4GB RAM, 200GB 7200RPM HD.  Drove to the nearest Apple store, walked directly the the 17″ MBP’s, credit card in hand, tell the sales guy what I want……not in stock.  WTF!!!  I drove home….bitter to say the least.

I didn’t give up though.  Sunday afternoon I decided to have another go around at securing this machine (though I called ahead this time to make sure it was in stock).  I drove to the nearest Apple store, walked directly the the 17″ MBP’s, credit card in hand, tell the sales guy what I want…and he wants to discuss the purchase.

Sales guy:  Is this your first Mac?
Me:  Nope.  I currently have a first gen 15″ MBP.  I need more speed, more memory, and more disk.
I’m Thinking: Valid question

Sales guy:  What are you going to be using it for?
Me:  Primarily for work.
I’m Thinking:

Sales guy:  What do you do for work?
  I work in technology.
I’m Thinking:  None of your business.

Sales guy:  What types of things will you be doing on the Mac?
Me:  Well, I do all kinds of stuff from reading email to editing video.
I’m Thinking:  Does this guy get paid by the question?  Stop asking questions!

Sales guy:  Will you need help migrating your files via firewire?
Me:  Nope
I’m Thinking:  You are kidding right?  I did say that I work in technology didn’t I?

Sales guy:  So why do you need to upgrade the RAM?
Me:  I run multiple vm’s.
I’m Thinking: To look at pictures of your mom, now go get me the damn machine.

Sales guy:  Have you heard of .Mac, it is…
Me:  I know what it is, and no I don’t want it.
I’m Thinking:  Stop asking me questions.

Sales guy:  Do you need help with…
Me:  Nope, don’t need anything except the machine.
I’m Thinking:  I certainly don’t need help from you jackass.

Sales guy:  So what machine did you want again?
Me:  This machine with the hi res screen and 4GB of RAM.
I’m Thinking:  Are you screwing with me?  This mofo is screwing with me.

Sales guy:  Oh thats a nice machine.
Me:  Yep
I’m Thinking:  No shit ass wipe, thats why I am trying to buy it.

Sales guy:  Lets talk about your requirements again.
Me:  Lets Not.  Can we start this purchase now?
I’m Thinking:
  I am going to choke your ass out if you don’t stop asking questions and get my machine.

Sales guy:  Umm….ok let me go get that for you.
Me:  Thanks
I’m Thinking:  Yeah, go get my machine bitch, about time!

There is more, but I think you get the picture….it was painful!  It took almost 2 hours from start to finish but I left with the desired MBP in hand!  After using it for a few days, it is amazing how much more productive I have become.  There is no more hanging, no more waiting, and everything is so much faster!  I forgot what it was like to fly though a task without waiting for the computer to catch up.  Oh, and the screen is awesome!  I am very pleased with this machine, loving it.


4 Responses to “I pulled the trigger!”

  1. Good Blog. I will continue reading it in the future. Nice layout too.

    Aaron Wakling

  2. 2 Gobba

    sounds like the general nerd syndrome. “I know stuff about computers which means i know what you want and you dont!”

    Why are you using Mac btw? Any particular reason? Ive been thinking of getting a mac myself but cant actually take the leap. 😉

  3. 3 Dan


    When Apple first came out with the Intel based Macs I received a free MBP. I was using a Dell at the time but I’m not one to pass up free stuff so fired up the Mac. I really liked the Mac. When I added Parallels I found that I could mostly do everything I need from the Mac for work.

    From the personal perspective, there are other benefits. iTunes, iMovie, iDVD, and iPhoto are great! They make my life much easier for management of my media files. On the off chance I do video editing it is exponentially better on the Mac.

    The Mac seems to handle memory management better than my Dell did. Integrated iSight camera is a bonus. When I close the lid it quickly goes to sleep, and when I open the lid it quickly wakes up. I rarely reboot and it runs fine (except when you overload it like I was). Being built on BSD gives me native access to certain tools I use.

    If I didn’t get that first Mac for free, I would still be using a Dell. Now that I am full time Mac, switch back would be tough. I plan on doing a full post about this at some point.


  4. 4 Gramps

    Funny stuff… I think you could sell this dialog to the networks (TV networks, that is) as a new sitcom!

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