Where is my IronKey?


I have been following IronKey since around September of 2007.  If you don’t know who they are or what they do, think of a USB Flash drive using TrueCrypt…..but on steroids!  I did some calls with people at the company and dug into the research on what they do and how they do it which left me impressed.  I wrote an internal blog entry on all the details of the company and their product.  I passed the info along to investors thinking it would be a prime target for needing funding.  I also placed a pre-order for three of the 8GB models that were supposed to be out before Christmas.

Christmas came and went…no IronKey.  Email response from sales tells me that the first batch was already spoken for, so I would have to wait until the first or second week of January.  Ok, so come the end of January….still no IronKey.  Another response from sales tells me they are a little delayed but working on it.  A month later…still no IronKey.  This time I was a little cranky, but the response was that they are having issues, but are in the final stage of QA.  That was more than a month ago.

I think the idea is cool and there are some really smart guys working over there, but I can’t get my hands on one to actually use.  I could buy a 4GB unit, but I already have a few 4GB flash drives, so if I spend money on another it is going to be 8GB.  What does strike me as odd is that a product they were planning on releasing prior to Christmas 2007 still is not out after Q1 of 2008.  The secret sauce isn’t changing so far as I know, it is just supposed to be a bump in size, so what is taking so long?  Taking cue’s from Microsoft OS releases?

I’ll probably harrass these guys at RSA where they are also supposed to be announcing something new.  Hope the announcement isn’t the 8GB IronKey, that would just be disappointing.   I could tell you about all the cool features here, but I refuse to do so until I get my 8GB key (or they send me a FREE 4GB)!  Maybe you can expect a review and details sometime around Christmas 2008.  😉


One Response to “Where is my IronKey?”

  1. We just received the 8gig Enterprise versions and they are great! The personal ones are even better. Go to their site and check them out.

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