Review of the Security Bloggers Meet-Up at RSA


Wednesday night was the much anticipated Security Bloggers Meet-Up sponsored by Fortinet, Microsoft, and StillSecure.  One of the organizers was actually worried that no one would show up…..she had nothing to worry about.  The place filled up quickly and there was never a lack of people to talk to.

Like my earlier post stated, I was excited to meet a lot of the guys I only communicate with via email or blog comments.  It is nice to put a face with a name.  There were some people I didn’t connect with so I apologize if one of them was you.  You can take the geek out of the conference but we are still geeks so there was a lot of conversation about security that got more interesting as the free drinks flowed.  Talking about compliance after a few hours of open bar is always interesting.

In addition to meeting all these people, Martin McKeay and Rich Mogull were doing a live podcast from the event, pulling people in for mini interviews.  I’m not sure if the podcast was fully recorded and posted or not because Martin mentioned some technical difficulties, but you should check.

Props to all the organizers, especially Jen Leggio, who was stressing over the event for a while and from what I understand did a lot of the work.  Everyone I spoke with had a great time!

Here is some other coverage of the event, if you want to be listed send me the link:


One Response to “Review of the Security Bloggers Meet-Up at RSA”

  1. We did get some of the live video podcast recorded, but not the whole thing. It’s available for viewing a

    Next year we probably won’t stream it live, exactly because of the problems we had this year. But we’ll most likely record it for later viewing in any case. Only time will tell.

    Great to meet you and put a face to the name. And thanks for getting up early to attend our panel the next morning.


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