Security Bloggers Meet-Up at RSA


For some reason this didn’t post as scheduled, so I am re-posting even though the next post is about the actual event — Oh Well.

Being a blogger who often times writes about security it makes sense that a lot of the other blogs I read are similar in fashion.  This has caused me to be linked into this network of people who write about the wonderful world of security.  There is some really great info out there written by some very smart people, the problem is finding the time to read it all.

At the RSA Conference there will be an event Wednesday night dubbed “The Security Bloggers Meetup”  The event started last year and was small from what I heard, but this year they had to turn people away.  Luckily I RSVP’d early enough so I’ll be there.  This means I will actually get to meet a lot of the people whose thoughts and ideas I read on a regular basis.  Some of them I have meet through meetings like BeanSec! or events like SourceBoston, but there are many I have not.

Should be fun!


One Response to “Security Bloggers Meet-Up at RSA”

  1. I am glad there are folk like you interested in
    security who keep the rest of us informed. thanks

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