I’m not dead!


A few readers have emailed me to find out if I was still alive because there have been no updates on the blog.  I am still alive though the past few weeks have just been a little crazy.  For those who care read on, for those who don’t skip this and wait for the next post.

After RSA I had a bunch of stuff to write about and most was already written so all I had to do was edit and post.  Easy enough.  However, after being out of the office for a week the pile of work to catch up on was large.  On top of that I was sick.  So working through being sick meant I was not 100% productive and when I went home I just wanted to sleep.

A week later I was feeling better and then really focused on getting caught up.  My head was down and I was spending a lot of hours working.  Plus spring is upon us and that means yard work.

This nice weather has also prompted the wife to push for a playset so the kid(s) can play out back this summer.  Lots of research went into this and just the other day I placed the order.  Good thing we got a sizeable tax return this year because this playset cost more than the KBB value of my car.  Yes, it is crazy to me that we are spending that kind of cash on a playset when I could tell the kids to climb some trees and maybe put a rope on a branch to make them equally as happy….but that is a story for another day.

The balance is coming back, so I hope to push out a few more posts this week to finish off my RSA coverage and then be back to my normal 2 or so posts per week.

Thanks for those who were concerned….will be posting again soon.



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