Lots going on these days personally and professionally.  At work there are just too many battles to list, but what else is new right?  On the home front I’ve got the yard prep for the kids playset that needs to be finished soon and a basement de-humidification project to handle.  Add on the other odds and ends that come with a wife and two young kids and there really just isn’t enough time in the day.

I left for work really early this morning because I need to leave early so that I can wield a chainsaw in the backyard.  We have some sizable trees that need to be cut back so that we can put the playset where we want it.  I was climbing trees with a bow saw this past weekend and made some progress, but that is some hard work… in comes the chainsaw.

So I cruise into the parking garage in no time since it is so early but realize that I left my access card at home.  Thats what I get for leaving early and rushing out the door.  I could either wait an hour or potentially longer for a co-worker to show up, or I could call security and try to get them to let me in.  I’m not one for waiting so I gave a call over to security.

A women answers and I explain that I am locked out and need access to company XYZ.  She then asks which entrance I am at and I tell her.  A few minutes later a security guard shows up and asks if I am the guy who is locked out.  He then asks which door (company) I need opened.  I point to the one for my company and he walks over and opens it.  He then asks if I need any other doors within the office open.  No thanks, have a nice day.

Mr. Security Guard….you sir have FAILED.  Your job is to SECURE, not open doors for anyone who asks.  No asking for ID, no confirmation that I actually work there, just a smile and a ring of keys and access cards.  Glad we have locks on the door when the nice security people will just come and unlock the door for you anyway?  Just another example of how you are only as strong as your weakest link.


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