The new guy is here!


We have been talking about hiring a full time junior guy for about two years now.  For one reason or another it just never got approved, and instead we opted for outsourced support when needed.  We made a big push in this years budget and got the go ahead.

Months of interviewing subpar people was depressing, but we kept looking.  We ended up finding two candidates that were appealing but they were very different.  One was very green but had the right attitude and wanted to learn.  The other had more experience but wasn’t really sure what he wanted to be doing in a few years.

Hiring the more experienced person would have been the right short term solution.  He could have hit the ground running with minimal oversight.  Long term however I think it would have been the wrong choice.  Breaking him of bad habits would be difficult, and I wasn’t convinced that he would want to be doing this kind of work in a year or two.

Hiring the less experienced person would be the wrong short term solution.  He is going to need time to ramp up on our technologies.  This translates into me needing to spend time teaching instead of doing.  Long term however I think he is the right choice.  The training time will be well spent because he has the desire to learn.  He is passionate about this type of work and has an idea of what he wants to be doing in a few years.

Well we went with the green guy.  He started today and I think it will be an interesting few weeks, maybe months.  This is going to require me to step up my game a bit.  Things that I haven’t been documenting will need to be documented so he can learn.  Teaching him our process will make me re-evaluate how and why we do the things we do.  Last but not least, having someone with lots of questions will mean I need to have lots of answers.  I’m looking forward to it.


2 Responses to “The new guy is here!”

  1. 1 Amrit

    Congratulations to Hoff for finally landing this position. I know he is a bit green but he should work out if you remember that he really needs periodic floggings and beatings 😉

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