3G iPhone Follies


In case you live under a rock, the 3G iPhone was released today.  I was actually encouraged by my employer to buy one for testing so off to the local AT&T store I went this morning.  I figured there may be 10 or so people in line prior to the store opening which wouldn’t equal a long wait.  Well when I drove by the parking lot I saw something that looked like a giant Conga line but with coolers and chairs.  There must have been close to 80 people in line, my guess is the store had maybe 20 iPhones.  So I scratched that idea and figured I’ll maybe check with the local Apple store later in the day.

I got to the office and tried downloading the 2.0 software for my iTouch but that was giving me an error.  I then came across an article that described why I could not download and the laughter ensued.  The article is good but the comments are even better.  Turns out with the launch of the new software, app store, and iPhones (which required activation in store) the Apple servers were going down.  This meant no software downloads, and no activations.  Those lines at the stores were not moving because they could not easily activate the phone and get to the next customer.  not only that, but if you did manage to download the 2.0 software for your old iPhone and the server went offline during updating it bricked your phone.  Yes I am serious.  I almost didn’t believe it, but a few friends confirmed that this was happening.

How Apple and AT&T let this happen is amazing to me.  You pump up the product, expect hordes of people to flock to your stores, expect millions of people to download an update for their existing devices….but you can’t handle the load.  Not only can they not handle the load….they basically screech to a halt and can’t do business.  They must have known this could be a problem and if so then why not do something about it like maybe stagger release dates.

Will I buy a 3G iPhone, of course I will, but I am going to spend all day laughing as I listen to my iTouch and email with my Blackberry.  😉

Mitchell Ashley has a funny little post on the Network World Blog you may get a kick out of.


4 Responses to “3G iPhone Follies”

  1. 1 Dave Gilmore

    I seem to recall that this exact same thing happened with the original release. Clients of mine still could not activate their phones two weeks later. Me, I’ll stick with my buggy Windows Mobile Devices. My fingers are two fat for that touch keyboard anyway! 🙂

  2. It was a glitch, but I left the Apple store in Tampa with a perfectly working iPhone – no problems. I had a friend go to the new Brandon store Friday evening and he left in app 35 minutes with working iPhone… I think it was mainly the morning crowd that was caught in the temporary slowdown… LOVE the new iPhone!

  3. 3 blake

    yeah sometimes it can happen, last month i try to purchase an Ipod game from a website, I made the payment, the moment i try to download, my internet got disconnected! that was terrible. finally i do get it, but that moment really scared me.

  4. 4 DMB411

    I agree that Apple and AT&T totally screwed the pooch on the release of the 3G iPhone. The sad part however is that no matter how bad they botched it, they still sold out over the weekend. Lemmings!

    Oh, I love my new iPhone (waited for 2 hours in line). 😉

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