2 weeks with the iPhone


So I have been living with the new 3G iPhone for about 2 weeks now. I must admit that I love the device but it is not without faults. 

I am getting used to the keyboard and although I can not type as quick on it as I can my crackberry, it is acceptable.

Battery life really blows. I find myself turning off 3G most of the time to help conserve but even with doing that it sucks. Oh and I don’t even use it as my phone so no talk time or Bluetooth use.

I’ve had four instances where the phone has just rebooted. No rhyme or reason, it just decided it is time to reboot.

ActiveSync has kicked the bucket multiple times. One minute it is working, next minute it isn’t. Only way to make it work again is to delete my mail profile and recreate. Troubleshooting points toward firewall timeout issues, but other ActiveSync devices are not experiencing the same issue.  It has happened on multiple iPhones and multiple accounts.

No email search, no ability to create a calendar appointment and invite someone, no tasks sync, and no copy/paste!

I won’t get into the management and security gripes in this post as I am still working out some details.

So why did I say I love it when I have so many complaints? Email rendering is fantastic, the browser rocks, and it is all about the apps. To me, that is what makes this such a good device. I think we are going to see some really great apps that make the iPhone a must have for some people.  For the most part right now the apps are more along the lines of fun stuff, but remember that we are in the infancy stage.  Give the developers another 6 months to a year and I expect to see some very useful stuff.

If you have one I’d like to hear your thoughts so chime in.  By the way, this post was written on my iPhone using the WordPress app.  I better go charge it now though, peace out.


One Response to “2 weeks with the iPhone”

  1. 1 Patti Domingo

    I’m the Iphone guniea pig at BLG. Got to say it’s pretty cool and I haven’t even gotten into the cool apps…although the battery life is the pits, the keyboard is still tough but spell check helps…sound quality is pretty good….watching video rocks, browsing is cool pending you have good AT&T coverage!

    but no video on the camera..that is the pits.

    Hope all is well.

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