Seriously, the Dolphins?


This is a rant about today’s Patriots loss, you’ll probably want to skip unless you are a sports fan.  My beloved Patriots got their ass handed to them by a mediocre (at best) Miami Dolphins team.  It looked like the Pats didn’t come to play.  The O-Line wasn’t making their blocks, the D-Line wasn’t filling their holes, and the secondary looked slow and confused!  Everyone has bad games, and thats what I’ll chock this one up to, but what really surprised me was the coaching.

Big Bill is touted as one of the best coaches ever.  I usually agree with this as some of the things he does is amazing.  He brilliance was absent in last years Superbowl and it skipped school again today as well.  The Dolphins were throwing some curveballs at the Pats and they were buckling at the knees.  It seemed like everytime they put Ronnie Brown at QB and spread Pennington out as a WR they scored.  They didn’t do it once, they did it multiple times.  The Pats didn’t know what to do, they were completely confused.

In these situations, when you have no idea what the attacker is going to do, you need to change up your thought process.  Every time Pennington drifted out I was yelling at the TV.  Stick Vrabel or Thomas on him, get close, and as soon as the ball is snapped lay him out.  If they want to stick their QB in the line of fire without a team of big guys around to block you take advantage.  Not that I want to see Pennington get hurt, but after cleaning his clock once, they aren’t going to stick him out there again.  Now you can get back to your game plan with him under center.  Instead, we played him like a regular WR, giving the Dolphins no reason to stop using the formation that was killing us.  That was just one aspect where Bill got out coached today, there were many other examples.  I hope the upcoming bye week will allow them to refocus and come back looking like the Patriots we all know and love.


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