iPhone and Debt Collectors


I’ve had a 3G iPhone since around the first week of release.  There have been ups and downs but overall I still like the device.  I have not given the phone number out to anyone nor have I used it for anything, it is really only used for data.

About three weeks ago I started receiving calls from a debt collector on my iPhone.  I blew off the first couple because I know there is no creditor that would have this number (and because I pay my bills on time).  The calls kept coming though so I finally decided to call them back.

I explained to the woman that they must have the wrong number and she immediately asked if I had an iPhone.  Turns out she has received a bunch of calls from users who recently bought iPhones in the same situation as me, getting calls about collecting a debt.  Strange don’t ya think?

She then asks me to confirm some information:

Her:  Is your name George Watkins?
Me:  Nope

Her:  Is your Social Security number XXX-XX-XXXX?
Me:  Nope

Her: Is your address XX Apple Street?
Me: Nope

That was all it took, she took my number off the list.   I’m still curious what the correlation is between numbers assigned to new iPhone users and debt collectors but the other issue here is the amount of personal data the woman was providing me with.  I almost asked what city and state for the address just to see if she would have provided it.  Doh!


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