Securing the Vote!


The easy target here would be to rant about online voting but I am not going to.  Regardless of whether you vote electronically or with paper there is still an issue in many states that makes me cringe.  Did you know that only 22 states require you provide an ID in order to vote. 

Now I understand that it would take massive coordination to make a big impact exploiting this and not get caught frauding the system, but why don’t all states require identification?  If you can not prove you are who you say you are why should you be allowed to vote? 

Plenty of time to institute mandatory ID’s for 2012…make it happen.


One Response to “Securing the Vote!”

  1. 1 Marc

    I have heard some stories on this and my understanding is that it boils down to the fact that not everybody who is eligible or registered has an ID such as a driver’s license. Therefore, only people who drive will be franchised voters. While the issue of incidents such as the one involving ACORN had made the news prior to this year’s election (it should be noted that even if somebody registered 15 times, they can still only vote once), the more prevalent issue has been the rejection, if not outright disposal, of valid ballots.

    I agree that the vote must be secured but in such a way that in our haste to do so we do not cause greater disenfranchisement.

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