Microsoft wants to help Startups


This week Microsoft has announced the BizSpark program.  The idea behind the program is to encourage startups to use Microsoft technology.  They are attempting to do this by offering up to three years of an MSDN license and support with no up front costs.  There is a $100 exit fee, but that is chicken feed.  Not all startups qualify however, requirements are as follow:

  • Actively engaged in development of a software-based product or service that will form a core piece of its current or intended business,
  • Privately held,
  • In business for less than 3 years, and
  • Generating less than USD $1 million in annual revenue.

To be eligible to use the software for production and deployment of hosted solutions, startups must also be developing a new “software as a service” solution (on any platform) to be delivered over the Internet.

The sponsorship of a Network Partner or BizSpark Champ is required before enrolling in BizSpark.

I think offering this program is a great idea by Microsoft.  For the startup, if they want to use Microsoft technology they can do it without worrying about the initial costs.  For Microsoft, they have nothing to lose, if the startup is successful they will have a new paying customer.

If you are starting a company that qualifies and are interested in finding a sponsor feel free to contact me.

For those of you not starting a company, would you join BizSpark if you were?


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