Vacation is almost over


Monday January 5th is fast approaching…is it that time already?  I have been on vacation since December 18th.  I didn’t use much vacation time in 2008 so I needed to use it or lose it.  While I still ended up in the office on Christmas morning (HVAC failure) and the Saturday after Christmas (Power outage) it was a good break.  I wanted to disconnect as much as possible and focus on family.  Mission Complete!

I had my Blackberry and iPhone with me most of the time but I wasn’t constantly checking it as usual.  I figured if it was really important someone would call me (and they did).  We were busy entertaining: hosted a party for friends on the 19th, Christmas Eve for my family, and Christmas Day for my wife’s family.  Spent a lot of time playing, laughing, wrestling, and wreaking havoc with the kids.  Spent some quality time with the wife that was long overdue.  I even watched some movies that have been on the “must see” list for a while.

Going back to the office is going to be a strange transition after being away for so long but in many ways that is a good thing.  I have had a lot of time to just sit back and think about all kinds of things.  Life in general, priorities, family, my job, my career, projects, and the list goes on.  I’m ready for the onslaught that January 5th will bring, but will it be ready for a revitalized, clear thinking me?


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