My first unsolicited phone call of 2009


I screen just about every call I receive.  Whether I am at home, in the office, or on my cell phone if I don’t recognize the number chances are I will not pick up.  If I am expecting a call then I will more than likely pick up an unknown number, but that is rare as most people txt or email me.  Well Monday I was expecting a call from an insurance appraiser and a strange number came up on my cell.  I answered, expecting to hear about my appraisal but instead it was a headhunter.  First day back at work for 2009 and I am already getting unsolicited phone calls, great!

Just to be clear, I’m not looking for a new job.  My resume is not out there on or any other job hunt sites.  When he started introducing himself I almost hung up figuring it was a cold call, but then I realized he had my cell phone number and wanted to know how he got it.  We get past the pleasantries and he tells me that there is another firm who is interested in talking to me about a soon to be open position.  I asked how he got my number and he said the firm provided it.  I asked who the firm was.  He told me that was confidential at this point in time.  He then asked how much I would be looking for in order to change firms and if I had a non-compete contract.

Don’t get me wrong, my ego loves the idea that another firm wants to woo me away from my current employer.  In the past three years I have been approached by two firms, directly, about this very thing.  Both times the money was attractive and the offer was tempting, but I decided to stay put and I think it was the right choice in each instance (ask me again in April after annual reviews).  What didn’t make sense to me in this instance is why a firm who knows me would send a headhunter rather than just contact me directly?  I have a lot of contacts in the industry so narrowing down the firm would be impossible, but each of my contacts would not hesitate to call or email me themselves.

So here is a guy, who called me.  He claims that there is another firm, similar to the one I currently work at, looking to fill a position.  This firm specifically asked him to call me and provided my cell phone number.  He can’t tell me who the firm is and rather than describing the position to me instead asks how much money I want to jump ship.  I hope this is a hoax, because otherwise headhunter guy is not doing a good job.  Is this guy a rookie?  Is this his first placement?  Who opens up a conversation like that?  How the hell can I provide a number of how much money I want when I don’t know anything about the job?  What would I be doing?  Where would I be doing it?  Would I have a team?  So many questions that this moron can’t answer because everything is confidential.

In the end, I thanked him for the call and explained that I’m happy with my current situation.  I explained in a nice way that if someone at the mystery firm wants me, they obviously know how to reach me.  I understand it is important to keep my options open, but I have no intention of going back and forth about my career with some random voice who doesn’t have the authority to give any information about the job he has been hired to fill.  Can’t imagine that technique is very effective, especially in this economy.

What would you have done?


One Response to “My first unsolicited phone call of 2009”

  1. 1 ShaneC


    I think you were a little hard on the guy. If it were me I would have played ball a bit longer and see where it went. It could be a great opportunity. You’re a bright guy and there is no doubt you are going places but you will need the help of guys like this at some point along the way.

    Best of luck and keep up the writing.


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