It’s all about the blade


I have an appreciation for a good blade.  Whether I am cutting my lawn or carving a roast, accomplishing the task at hand with a good blade makes the job easier and more enjoyable.  I was visiting a friend for the first time who has talked about his expensive kitchen cutlery set many times over the years so I was excited to check it out.  They had good balance, felt good in my hand, looked nice, but cut like crap.  I asked when the last time he used a sharpening steel and he couldn’t remember.  I asked when the last time he sharpened them and again he couldn’t remember.  My guess is that they still had the factory edge on them, or what remained anyway.  I may not have a super expensive set, but they are always ready for action.  I run the blade across the sharpening steel before almost every use and I make sure they are always sharp.  I’d rather use a cheap blade from Walmart that is sharp than waste my time with an expensive but dull blade.  Bottom line here is that no matter how expensive this set might have been, lack of maintenance has rendered them worthless.

The same is true with security and network components.  You can spend all kinds of money to buy the highest rated or most expensive “solution” but unless you configure it correctly and maintain it you are just wasting your money.  Please keep that in mind as you start spending your 2009 budgets.


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