I know when you are working


This is a quick one. A friend of mine manages an employee who he thinks is lying about hours worked.  He asked me if there was an easy way to track how many hours an employee was working.  99% of this persons job requires them to have network access.  When I explained how easy this would be he was shocked.

If you tell someone you came in early, stayed late, worked all night, worked all weekend, or whatever it is…..make sure it is true.  So much of what you do is being logged for someone to see.  Do you have to swipe an access card to open a door?  It’s logged.  Do you sign into a computer?  It’s logged.  This trend holds true for just about everything you do.  Seeing as how I am the security guy, part of my job is log review.    This means I know when you are working.  I know when you are working.  I know when you get to the office.  I know when you connect remotely.  I KNOW!

So before you tell someone about how early you came in or how late you worked on those reports make sure it is true or risk losing credibility, respect, and possibly your job.


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