Perks of blogging


A few weeks back I received an email from the RSA Conference:

We are pleased to welcome you as an accredited press/analyst attendee. As a press/analyst registrant you will receive access to select Conference sessions, the Exhibit Hall and Press Working Room free of charge.

I started blogging as a better way to distribute information amongst friends and work on my writing.  It has grown into much more than that and has brought along many perks, like the invite to RSA.  I have been fortunate to have met many amazing people through blogging, some who question and challenge me on a daily basis.  I didn’t realize the reach my blog would get when I first started.  Recently I was in a vendor training class and during lunch we were all talking about the job economy and what people are doing to keep their jobs, this was after I wrote my post about Adding Value.  One of the guys in the class started saying almost exactly the same stuff I had written.  I was laughing and he asked me what I thought was funny.  I explained that he was taking the words out of my mouth because that is exactly what I think too.  At that point he tells me that one of the blogs he reads had a post about it and it changed the way he looked at his job.  No way, he could not possibly read my blog…or could he?  I asked what blog, and sure enough it was mine.  When I told him I was the author he went on about how much he loves my blog.  I told him he needs to read more because compared to the blogs I read, mine sucks.  😉  Seriously though, it was cool.

The point of all this, I’m glad I started blogging and hope to continue on a more regular basis.  If you are going to be at RSA let me know so we can connect.



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