Am I talking about you?


The other day a co-worker stopped by my office.  He sat down and asked “Who were you talking about?”  I was a little confused at first because I hadn’t been talking prior to him walking into my office.  After a little more conversation it was revealed that he recently read my blog and wanted to know who I was talking about.  I started laughing because he isn’t the only one, this actually happens a lot.  When I write about topics that include people, friends and colleagues find a way to ask if I was writing about them.  I’m not sure if it is because they want me to write about them or they are afraid I’ll write about them.  For the record, I don’t write negative stuff about co-workers and I try not to do it in regards to friends and former colleagues unless they know it’s coming.  If I have a problem with you, you will know about it.

Lets take a look into this though because I find it interesting.  I’ll use the post I know when you are working as an example.  In that post I explained that pretty much everything you do is logged and as a result can be tracked.  This came about because a friend of mine had an employee who he thought was lying about hours worked.  Now, this wasn’t specifically written about anyone I work with nor was it written about anyone at my company but at least one person thought I was writing about them and calling their work ethic into question.

I’m not a psychologist but if you think something is targeted toward you there is probably a reason you think that.  If I wrote an article about a guy that surfs porn all day and you think I’m writing about you, it’s probably because you surf porn all day.  If you didn’t surf porn all day why would you think it applies to you?  Your conscience is a funny thing.


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