Getting back to books


I’ve never been a book worm.  If I needed to read a book I would, but it wasn’t something I would choose to do on my own.  I came to the realization however that I am missing out on so much by avoiding books so last October I decided to spend more time with them.  I spend plenty of time reading technical blogs, articles, journals, and white papers as part of my job so this effort to read more is focused on other literature.  I’m all over the map with what I’m reading but enjoying the journey.

So far I have knocked off the following:

iWoz – Steve Wozniak
Rigged – Ben Mezrich
Legacy of Ashes – Tim Weiner
On Intelligence – Jeff Hawkins
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Stephen Covey
eBoys – Randall Stross

Currently I am reading:

The Black Swan – Nassim Nicholas Taleb

On the horizon I have:

The Ascent of Money – Niall Ferguson
The Twelve Caesars – Suetonius
Einstein – Walter Isaacson

If you have some books that you highly recommend let me know what they are and I’ll add them to the list.



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