What worries you the most?


Last week I was at a conference for IT folks in the Private Equity and Venture Capital Industry.  It wasn’t a huge conference but there was some good people and good content being shared.  I gave a presentation on “Avoiding Virtual Fail” which basically touched on some common areas that virtualization projects fail and how to avoid letting that happen.  It was well received, and since I only had a week to pull it together I was happy with the results.  I may post the slides at some point.

Over drinks one night I decided to ask some of the attendees what worried them the most for 2009, what was their biggest concern.  I was expecting to hear about client side attacks, lack of visibility into their networks, or something along the technical lines.  Much to my surprise in most cases it came back to management.  Either they felt that their boss didn’t understand their role at the company, didn’t understand the risks associated with delaying or canceling projects, or flat out didn’t trust that their boss had their best interest in mind.

So we talked at length about dealing with management.  Getting them to understand IT’s role in the organization and how it can be a strategic component to the business.  Understanding the business and speaking of technology as it relates to the business is key.  Getting them to accept risk and properly document it.  If your boss tells you not to have any DR plan because it is unlikely that you will need one make sure he puts that in writing to you but also make sure you did all that you could to make him aware of the situation and what no DR plan will mean.  Lastly, if you seriously think your boss is out to get you it may be time to look for a new job.  Could you go over their head?  You could if your standing in the company is strong enough but make sure you want to pick that fight and think about what your end goal is.

One little blog post isn’t going to address the issues raised, nor did talking about it over multiple mojito’s at the bar….but it is fun to talk about.


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