(Not) Writing about cool new stuff


Had a really good conversation with a group of guys this past week at RSA about some new technologies that are going to change, or try to change, different aspects of technology and specifically technology as we know it today.  I had a bunch of examples of things I’ve seen or people I have spoken with which stirred up a lot of conversation.  At the end I was asked why I don’t blog about all this cool new stuff hopefully coming down the pipeline.

The truth is I would love to but I also don’t want to get fired.  Working for an organization that invests in technology companies means I have to be careful about what I write about.  We have some cool portfolio companies, a few that are in stealth mode right now.  Writing about what they are doing and how would certainly increase my readership but at the expense of potentially saying something that needs to stay private.  This would not be good.  While I love blogging and sharing cool stuff with you guys, I love being able to pay my mortgage even more.

Another thing I would love to write about are start-ups that are doing something cool and are looking for funding.  This isn’t going happen much either because more than likely I am going to get them talking with our investment guys about a potential partnership.  I obviously don’t want to write about a company we are trying to fund and as a result drum up competition from a Venture firm.

So, that is why I don’t write about most of the new and cool stuff I see and work with.  Trust me, I would like to and it would mean more blogging for sure but I don’t think it would be a good move.  On that note, I love when friends or readers contact me with companies to look at, so keep them coming.  At least you know I won’t write about it.  😉



One Response to “(Not) Writing about cool new stuff”

  1. I totally understand how you feel Dan, I’m in the same boat 🙂 Sometime I wish we were not buried under a mixture of hidden information for competitive advantage, NDAs, etc.

    It must be at least some consolation that you still do manage to turn out so much great content here.

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