Running into information


A few months ago I read the book Born to Run by Christopher McDougall and it motivated me to get off my ass and start running.  I was a little too motivated and ended up fracturing my foot, but this post isn’t about me being a dumbass so we’ll skip over that part.  Anyhow, so I start running around my neighborhood and all is fine except I have no idea how far I’m running and therefore don’t know if the times I am clocking are good or bad.  There are a few different ways to accomplish this but I chose to use a website called

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what this site does, you punch in a location and then use the map to click along your running path to calculate distance. So I mapped out a few different routes to figure out how far I had been running and then made some changes to give myself a 2 mile and a 3 mile option.  It is pretty cool, and accurate to boot but where am I going with this?

Well when you map a route you can save it.  When you save it you have the option of the map being public or private…public being the default.  You can also search these public maps saved by other users.  A quick search in my small town and there are 192 maps found!  Now where do most people start their runs from?  If you said their house, you would be correct.  So now I can see all of these runners and where they live based on their map.  This site also offers up the username of the person who submitted the map.  As with most internet services, some of the usernames are bizarre like techdulla, but some are like johnsmith22.  Now I know where you live and what your name is.  I also know that you run a particular 10 mile loop every Saturday morning. <Insert evil laugh here>

Just another example of people sharing information about themselves without realizing it.


2 Responses to “Running into information”

  1. Wow. That is absolutely the worst idea ever unless they come up with one for driving somewhere. “Oh look! Mr Belvedere goes for a run usually at 8am every Saturday. It’s a 3 mile run that takes him approximately 25 minutes. It takes me 13 seconds to break into his house, 8 minutes to grab some goodies, and 10 seconds to get out. I still have about 16.5 minutes before he even gets back”.

    Combine the running info with about 5 nefarious types and you have quite a neighborhood problem.

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