Apple does it again


How a company can release a product as high profile as the iPhone and not realize there is a major flaw with the antenna design is beyond me.  But I received word today that there is another flaw, not just with the new iPhone, but with iOS4 that can wreak havoc on Exchange servers.

Apparently iOS4 can somehow make your Exchange server stop accepting MAPI sessions from Outlook clients.  Apple is aware of the problem and has released a configuration profile that you need to install on the iPhone.  This is sure to be a pain in the ass for Exchange Admins as employees buy their own iPhones or update their 3G(s) iPhones with the new OS.  Way to go Apple!

Note:  If your Exchange server stops accepting MAPI sessions and you can not get the problem iPhone updated, disabling ActiveSync for the user at the Exchange level should open up MAPI again.


One Response to “Apple does it again”

  1. I totally agree with you. Considering the iPhone is arguably the most popular mobile phone and Apple’s biggest money maker, you’d think that they would of spent a bit of time nailing down the phone’s primary function- to send and receive calls. I am highly interested to see how Apple resolves this, as they seem to think that a software update will sort the problem, while all the evidence seems to suggest that it’s a hardware problem. All this, makes me glad to be a 3GS user.

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