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How a company can release a product as high profile as the iPhone and not realize there is a major flaw with the antenna design is beyond me.  But I received word today that there is another flaw, not just with the new iPhone, but with iOS4 that can wreak havoc on Exchange servers. Apparently […]

I’ve had a 3G iPhone since around the first week of release.  There have been ups and downs but overall I still like the device.  I have not given the phone number out to anyone nor have I used it for anything, it is really only used for data. About three weeks ago I started […]

So I have been living with the new 3G iPhone for about 2 weeks now. I must admit that I love the device but it is not without faults.  I am getting used to the keyboard and although I can not type as quick on it as I can my crackberry, it is acceptable. Battery […]

In case you live under a rock, the 3G iPhone was released today.  I was actually encouraged by my employer to buy one for testing so off to the local AT&T store I went this morning.  I figured there may be 10 or so people in line prior to the store opening which wouldn’t equal […]

After a few months of back and forth over whether to buy a new MBP or a MacPro to replace my current first generation MBP I finally pulled the trigger.  This weekend I was trying to do a few quick things from home and the computer was not co-operating.  It was using all of the […]