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My buddy Ryan Naraine wrote about this yesterday and I passed it along to a bunch of people via email.  For those you who didn’t get my email here is the scoop: RIM has recently released an advisory about a flaw in the PDF distiller of the Blackberry Attachment Service.  This flaw would allow a […]

  The other day Verizon Wireless announced that they will release the Blackberry Curve sometime in May.  I know some of the people around here have been bitter that Verizon wasn’t carrying this sooner since we have a corporate account.  This means I will be inundated with requests for upgrades sometime in May.  It is […]

The amount of email I have received because of Apple’s recent announcement that the iPhone will be able to sync with Exchange has been astounding.  I think people hear iPhone and Exchange in the same sentence and instantly started composing email to find out when we would support them or to get more information. While […]

I had a user whose Blackberry was having a hardware problem. It was not dropped or anything crazy like that, just malfunctioning. So I call it in to Cingular and get transferred through to multiple departments. Finally I get someone on the phone who seems they can help. After explaining the problem to her, she […]