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Everything is in and it is time to push the giant power button.  I had someone walk around and turn off every PC in the office earlier that day so we would not have anyone connecting until we confirmed the core was working properly.  I also avoided connecting up the external connections for the same […]

As many of you know I was recently in charge of a large overhaul of our network infrastructure.  This was a lingering project that we had planned on doing in December but because of hardware delays we had to postpone until now.  We got the go ahead for a 24 hour shutdown from management and […]

Yeah I know, Microsoft has “Patch Tuesday”, I did not get my days wrong.  Cisco announced that they will release security fixes for the IOS software on the fourth Wednesday of the month.  Great news right?  Not so much. They will only be doing this twice per year!  Yep, in March and in September.  This […]