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Hiring is hard


When we had an opening on my staff for a system administrator I thought it was going to be a pretty easy hire.  If you watch the news there are lots of people out of work, that should help right?  It is a great company, that should help right?  It isn’t a super senior level […]

Recently I was talking to someone that was telling me about how he is going to start a business that helps people find things on the internet. He went on to explain that it is very difficult for people to find what they are looking for because there is just too much information on the […]

Had a really good conversation with a group of guys this past week at RSA about some new technologies that are going to change, or try to change, different aspects of technology and specifically technology as we know it today.  I had a bunch of examples of things I’ve seen or people I have spoken […]

The other day a co-worker stopped by my office.  He sat down and asked “Who were you talking about?”  I was a little confused at first because I hadn’t been talking prior to him walking into my office.  After a little more conversation it was revealed that he recently read my blog and wanted to […]

I have an appreciation for a good blade.  Whether I am cutting my lawn or carving a roast, accomplishing the task at hand with a good blade makes the job easier and more enjoyable.  I was visiting a friend for the first time who has talked about his expensive kitchen cutlery set many times over […]