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This is all over the news so I hope you read it somewhere else, but why not pass it along. On the heels of last weeks announcement of an IE 0-day, Microsoft Security Advisory (961051),word on the street is that another out of band patch will be released tomorrow (December 17th).  I recommend you test […]

This week Microsoft has announced the BizSpark program.  The idea behind the program is to encourage startups to use Microsoft technology.  They are attempting to do this by offering up to three years of an MSDN license and support with no up front costs.  There is a $100 exit fee, but that is chicken feed.  […]

This is covered all over the place but figured I would post as well in the off chance one of my readers hasn’t hear about it yet.  It is not often that Microsoft releases a patch out of cycle so when I heard there was one coming out I had to check my calendar to […]

Raise of hands…how many of you have a second job in tech support for family members?  You don’t have to be a techie, just knowing something about computers can probably qualify you.  For me it comes with the territory.  Although I do not spend most of my time troubleshooting desktop issues these days at work there is […]

This post is late, but better late than never right?  I am shocked at the lack of coverage this has received so figured I would write about it to help get the word out and make people understand why they need to run out and make sure their systems are patched.  I typically do not […]