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Once again I made the annual pilgrimage to Las Vegas for BlackHat and Decfon.  As expected it was another great week spent attending interesting talks and hanging out with some of my favorite people…doesn’t get much better than that.  My last day in Vegas somehow got me roped into a fitness challenge, sadly I can’t […]

I’ve had a 3G iPhone since around the first week of release.  There have been ups and downs but overall I still like the device.  I have not given the phone number out to anyone nor have I used it for anything, it is really only used for data. About three weeks ago I started […]

So I have been living with the new 3G iPhone for about 2 weeks now. I must admit that I love the device but it is not without faults.  I am getting used to the keyboard and although I can not type as quick on it as I can my crackberry, it is acceptable. Battery […]

In case you live under a rock, the 3G iPhone was released today.  I was actually encouraged by my employer to buy one for testing so off to the local AT&T store I went this morning.  I figured there may be 10 or so people in line prior to the store opening which wouldn’t equal […]

  The other day Verizon Wireless announced that they will release the Blackberry Curve sometime in May.  I know some of the people around here have been bitter that Verizon wasn’t carrying this sooner since we have a corporate account.  This means I will be inundated with requests for upgrades sometime in May.  It is […]