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This is a rant about today’s Patriots loss, you’ll probably want to skip unless you are a sports fan.  My beloved Patriots got their ass handed to them by a mediocre (at best) Miami Dolphins team.  It looked like the Pats didn’t come to play.  The O-Line wasn’t making their blocks, the D-Line wasn’t filling […]

Congrats to the NY Giants for putting on an excellent defensive display last night.  Although it was probably the most frustrating game I have ever witnessed, have to give credit where credit is due.  I really would have like to see 19-0.  If only they…….nope, I won’t go there.

Ever year I have this ritual related to the Super Bowl that entails blocking out some time to play some Madden football on my game console, currently Playstation3. I simulate every aspect of the game that they let me and then I do two things. First I play the game, and second I simulate the […]



Congratulations to the Patriots once again for continuing their perfect season and winning a ticket to the Super Bowl! While it was not a perfect game on either side of the ball, the Defense really stepped it up when necessary. Time to start planning the Super Bowl party! For those who may not know….I am […]