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Soon I’ll be boarding a plane to Vegas for a week of information overload.  This year I am going with a less structured plan of attack.  Usually I try to schedule out my time at the conference, committing every waking hour to something…but not this time.  I haven’t committed to any sessions, meetings, interviews, parties, […]

Had a really good conversation with a group of guys this past week at RSA about some new technologies that are going to change, or try to change, different aspects of technology and specifically technology as we know it today.  I had a bunch of examples of things I’ve seen or people I have spoken […]

This week Microsoft has announced the BizSpark program.  The idea behind the program is to encourage startups to use Microsoft technology.  They are attempting to do this by offering up to three years of an MSDN license and support with no up front costs.  There is a $100 exit fee, but that is chicken feed.  […]