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A few months back Chris Hoff – then Chief Security Architect at Unisys challenged Simon Crosby – CTO at Citrix Systems to a sumo match.  My oh my that would have been fun to watch, but alas it never came to fruition.  I figured the next best thing would be to attend the Virtualization Security […]

This session was a little more entry level than I expected but made some good points.  Had I not been living in the VM world for over two years this talk would have been much more enlightening.  The guys started by covering the WHY of virtualization and business justification which I think most of us […]

There was a discussion today in a peer network of mine about virtualization.  It started out as a request for ballpark pricing on VMWare but turned into a “VMWare is too expensive, use this instead it does everything and is cheaper” discussion. I am a huge fan of VMWare and since I have first hand […]

For those that have been paying attention, this announcement is not a surprise.  VMWare has been partnering with AV vendors lately.  Rumblings have also been released about opening things up a bit by providing API’s for vendors to tap into the hypervisor to handle security events realtime.  Cool huh! Well this week at VMworld Europe, […]

All of my RSS feeds have been blowing up with the report from about a new VMWare vulnerability that allows an attacker to escape the Guest and infect the Host.  Wow!  That is pretty serious stuff you must be thinking.  Hold on cowboy….if you read further you will see that the vector of attack is […]